Drivers, lessees, owners Information

Collection of personal information regarding drivers/lessees/owners

We collect personal particulars of drivers, lessees, owners who operate vehicles within the Hutt & City Taxis Fleet. . That information will include names, addresses and contact particulars for all persons having an interest in the taxi, or in driving a taxi vehicle, vehicle personal identification numbers of those persons who access our computerised despatch services, banking details, electronic details of the use of our computerised despatch system, workshop records and other electronic records of your dealings with us

We also have access to images from cameras installed in taxi cabs and recordings of conversations between drivers of taxi vehicles and our base station.

We also keep and retain records of drivers accreditation with LTSA, taxi licence details of taxi leases and other information which is required to enable us to provide our services to you and to collect fees for services provided from you.

Information in relation to owners, lessees, drivers and others involved in the taxi industry may be passed by us to LTSA or to the NZ Police where we are required or authorised to do so under any law.

Personal information may also be collected from you for the purposes of any participation in board approved schemes to which we are a party at any time.

Personal information we hold about fleet drivers may be released to LTSA and the NZ Police Service in accordance with our legal obligations.

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